Singaporean University Head Visits Nanjing University

The National University of Singapore’s deputy provost Liang Huisi explored the possibilities of inter-university cooperation in talent cultivation and faculty development with Nanjing University’s vice president Wang Zhenlin during their meeting when the Singaporean guests were visiting Gulou Campus on September 4.  

Present at the meeting were leaders of the university’s School of Business and International Office. 

This was Provost Liang’s first visit to Nanjing University. 

  During the meeting 


Wang Zhenlin first briefed the visitors on the university’s measures in the Double First-Rate University construction and its ideas for future development, especially its desire to cooperate with the National University of Singapore.  

He expressed the hope that frequent faculty and student exchange between the two sides will usher in new opportunities for the development and cooperation between the two universities.  

Liang Huisi briefed on the major reforms by the National University of Singapore in promoting international interdisciplinary exchange projects, and she also detailed the design and operation of these projects and hoped to hold joint master’s programs with Nanjing University in various subject areas.  

After frank exchange, the two sides reached agreement that they will conduct further discussions on joint student training programs, including double master's degree programs, so as to steadily promote the cooperation between the two universities.   

(International Office) 


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